Diving & Sports

Zakynthos is a wonderful island that prides itself in the refreshing waters of the Ionian Sea. Calypso Zante Suites can offer a plethora of water sports and activities that make your accommodation even more enjoyable. Diving is a magnificent experience in Zakynthos, due to its exquisite seabed with the rich geomorphology underwater. Spectacular caves are waiting for you to discover, with the guidance of our team of experts that have been PADI certified. Diving takes place at Keri Bay, which offers superb beauty and unique diversity underground. Calypso Suites can arrange scuba diving lessons and snorkelling excursions for groups or privately, introducing you to the magic of the Ionian Sea and the abundant seabed. Diving is also suitable for children, as they get the opportunity to explore nature in a safe environment. 

Besides swimming in the crystal clear waters of Zante, you can also schedule water skiing and canoe, snorkelling and windsurfing. Boats and speed boats (20HP) are rented by the hour and you can be the captain and explore the Zakynthian coastline till the Blue Caves. Schedule a one-day trip with the whole family, introducing children to the beauty of unspoiled nature while playing and having a great time. Discovering nature and the riches lying underwater is a thrilling adventure for our younger guests and for parents, as well. A wide range of aquatic activities is offered to you, so that you can enjoy the magnificent waters of Ammoudi beach in the most ethereal setting. Surrender to exquisite water sports, diving experiences and other activities in your own privacy and enjoy splendid family vacations in the water!
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