Introducing You to the Natural Wonder of Caretta-Caretta
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Zakynthos is a beautiful island of the Ionian Sea, world renowned for its golden beaches and crystal clear waters. Zante is also famous for its unique ecosystem, which constitutes a shelter for one of the rarest species on Earth. Caretta-Caretta is a sea turtle that faces the danger of extinction and therefore the bay of Laganas on the island has been protected in a way that embraces the turtles to lay their eggs. In this fabulous scenery, the sea creatures are able to hide their eggs and leave them to hatch. After a few days, the newborns start their own journey from the golden sand to the refreshing waters of the Ionian. 

This is a true marvel of nature, especially as new life is celebrated across the bay of Laganas and the turtles reunite for setting out on their first adventure in the water. The place is magical and the surroundings are unspoiled, making it an exceptional shelter for Caretta-Caretta. The National Marine Park of Zakynthos has been protecting the bay of Laganas and the small islands of Marathonisi and Pelouzo, as well as the lake Keri in the wider area. Offering an oasis of calm and rejuvenation to an endangered species is great, with volunteers having dedicated their lives to help nature and the sea turtles. 

There are daily cruises to the bay of Laganas and you may see Caretta-Caretta from up close, so as to admire their beauty and uniqueness. A spectacle like that makes you appreciate life in all its forms and feel closer to nature than ever before. We hope that Caretta-Caretta are going to live well and prosper, always coming back to lay new eggs on Laganas bay and continuing on their journey!
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