The best beaches on the island of Zakynthos
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Zakynthos is a beautiful island situated in the Ionian Sea, with an impressive coastline and azure waters. Some of the most wonderful beaches in Greece are found in Zakynthos. The landscapes are purely amazing, with lush greenery, rocky formations and the infinite blue of the sky composing the dream. Whether you are interested in finding a beach that allows you to scuba dive and snorkel or a secluded paradise just for you, a well-organized beach with umbrellas and sun loungers or a beach surrounded by pine trees and generous shade, Zante is the perfect destination for you!

Navagio beach is a world renowned beach, where you can find a shipwreck that took place more than a century ago. Travelers visit Navagio beach and discover its authentic beauty, unspoiled nature and purely divine waters. Silky sand the vastness of the sea in perfect alignment! Then, there is Banana beach. Located in the middle between Vasilikos and Argassi, this is another great beach of soft sand and amazing waters. It has got a beach bar in the area, for you to relax and enjoy a refreshing cocktail. Makris Gialos in Saint Nicolas offers a whole different experience. Splendid small pebbles form an exquisite landscape, while abundant trees complete the ideal scenery. If you feel hungry, the local taverns nearby will satisfy your taste and combine the absolute swimming paradise with deliciousness by the sea. Xigia beach is another spectacular beach or more like a cove where tranquility and serenity prevail. Just a few minutes from Makris Gialos, it is worth a visit!

Explore the coastline of Zakynthos and you will fall in love with the island. Indulge in soothing dives and wonderful sunbathing, under the Greek sun and with the loveliest surroundings in the Ionian!
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