Explore Nature at the Magnificent National Marine Park of Zakynthos
On the bay of Laganas lies the imposing National Marine Park of Zakynthos, home to some of the rarest species in worldwide flora and fauna. If you wish to explore the area and learn more about the world renowned Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtles and Monachus Monachus seals, you can schedule a visit and enjoy a day out in the open air. Whether you are a fan of adventure or a nature enthusiast, this is the perfect place in Zakynthos to observe, experience, enjoy!
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Sea turtles are protected in this perfectly controlled environment, so as to safeguard the species and prevent extinction. They use the marine park to lay their eggs till they hatch, ensuring that nature and external factors do not take their toll on them. The place is superb and the natural beauty is matched to none. You instantly feel revitalized, when you gaze at the infinity and have a look at the marvelous landscapes all around you.

The wonder of nature is celebrated on Laganas Bay and you are most welcome to join in. There are volunteers taking care of the park, assisting the sea turtles any way they can and protecting the environment. The evolvement of local tourism industry could be a threat to the longevity of one of the oldest species in the entire world. However, the National Marine Park of Zakynthos certainly eliminates that threat for good.

If you have been searching for a unique experience that sets you in the core of nature’s wonders, you definitely have to visit the marine park. It will help you see the world under a new perspective and it will give you the inspiration that might even change your life!
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