Sailing the Ionian Sea: An Unforgettable Experience
The deep cobalt blue of the Ionian Sea blends perfectly with the azure cloudless skies and the scenery is purely mesmerizing! The coastline of Zakynthos unfolds its beauty before you. Embroidered beaches, secluded bays and lush greenery all fused in the absolute combination. An outstanding landscape waiting to be discovered by the few lucky ones who sail away in searches!

Sailing is an excellent experience while visiting Zante on vacations. A wonderful way to explore the island through and through, admiring the most famous beaches as well as the serene, unspoiled treasures. The crystalline waters are magical and invite you in. A dive and then another dive, probably scuba diving and underwater discoveries of the rich seabed…Does all this sound exciting? We promise you that the truth is even more thrilling!
The world renowned Navagio beach (the Shipwreck) is an exquisite place for scuba divers and those who wish to see from up close one of the island’s major attractions. Discover the Blue Caves, the natural rocky port of Limnionas and so much more, in an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. There are endless destinations for you to enjoy.

At Calypso Villas, we are able to schedule such sailing tours for you and your precious company. Just name the places you want to discover and we will take you there. Early in the morning or late at sunset, the whole sailing tour will be a highlight of your visit to Zakynthos. Celebrating the beauty of the Ionian waters and the island’s magical scenery, this is just the thing to do!
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