International Productions Filmed in Zakynthos
Zakynthos is a mesmerizing island of the Ionian Sea, attracting thousands of travelers from every part of the world. In an unspoiled environment of natural beauty and breathtaking views, the major attractions of Zante offer marvelous experiences to those who seek extraordinary vacations out in the open air. Such splendid scenery could not leave the film making industry untouched. On the contrary, over the past few years international attention has been drawn to Zakynthos with amazing results.
A documentary has been filmed on the island, regarding the continuous struggles and eventual salvation of the Jewish community in Zante. The documentary is called “Beautiful Life” and captures the historic truth about the torments of the locals during World War II. Nature’s beauty has been depicted most eloquently in every single scene. It is worth noting that the documentary is supported by UNESCO.

International interest does not end here. The winds of the Orient have traveled to Zante and the famous Korean TV series has included filming on the island. “The Descendants of the Sun” are an excellent production raising global attention and fans from every part of the planet. The Japanese were enchanted by the beauty of the surroundings and they filmed in various locations. Amongst them, the world renowned Navagio beach! Introducing Zakynthos in the East, the TV series focused on the Blue Caves, the embroidered beaches and the rich evergreen forests. A special tribute for an equally special destination!

These productions witness the fact that Zakynthos is a fabulous island worth visiting. It is made of fairytale bliss, which proves why it has been addressed as the ultimate scenery for shooting and creating masterpieces in the film industry!
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