The Mesmerizing Beauty of Blue Caves
The Ionian Sea is world renowned for its transparent blue waters, offering magical swimming experiences to all travelers lucky enough to dive. Amongst the Ionian Islands, Zakynthos boasts its embroidered coastline, the fierce rock formations that depict natural beauty at its finest. In an environment that might seem inapproachable to some, one of the major attractions of Zante has been shaped over the centuries. Blue Caves are definitely worth visiting while in Zakynthos, for a transcendental experience you will never forget.
The Blue Caves are located at the picturesque village of Volimes and they are only accessible by boat. There are many Caves that have been carved over the passing of time, thanks to erosion from the water and the extreme weather conditions. As a result, at the entrance of the Caves you will see almost symmetrical arches welcoming you inside. And this is where the wonder appears; turquoise waters invite you to dive and admire the beauty all around you, as the sun rays shine on the surface of the water and allow different shades of blue to overflow. This is in fact a unique experience, a spectacle matching no other in the world and especially during sunrise and sunset it is pure magic!

Whether you decide to rent a boat and visit the Blue Caves on your own or you join a guided tour to Volimes, you will be stunned by the emblematic beauty of the natural landscapes. If you are a fan of diving, this is by far the top destination for you to enjoy…diving in these turquoise waters and seeing how the colors change every second before your eyes is a masterpiece! So include this on your to-do list while on holidays in Zakynthos and you will be blessed with a singular experience to treasure for a lifetime!
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