Discover the beauty of Keri Caves
Zante boasts of its lush greenery and the amazing landscape featuring an amazing diversity of flora and fauna. Thus, the island attracts all year round nature aficionados. One of the most prominent natural landmarks is Keri Caves, on the southern and south-western part of the Keri peninsula, very close to Marathia village. Situated near cliffs along the promontory of Marathia Cape, Keri Caves are accessible only by boats, either going with a private boat or tourist excursions. The coast features a wide range of caves which entrances are hardly exposed to get in for swimming. Those who don’t like challenges, there are more reachable caves; just look for those surmounted by cliffs. The deep water makes them easy to reach.

During your excursion to Keri Caves, expect nothing than the Ionian’s turquoise waters. Don’t hesitate to ask your captain to make stops for swimming and snorkeling. There are many small, almost secluded beaches to sunbathe and dive in Marathia Cape. The mesmerizing crystal clear waters let the vibrant seabed reveal its splendor.
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Don’t forget to visit Mitzires. The two crangs are close to the cliffs, forming a stunning small beach featuring fine sand. Reachable only by boat, the renowned beach has fairly gained its fame of being a place for nature enthusiasts; ask the captain to show you the cracked crag. There you can swim amidst starfish. While roaming the pure waters there is a good chance to find some turtles wondering around so having your cellphones ready for a photo shoot is always a good idea. 

Definitely a spectacle not to be missed out, an excursion to Keri Caves will be one of the highlights of your visit to Zante. Combine a memorable sea trip with a stay at our opulent villas.
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