Experience Zante From Above
There is no better way to complement your stay in Zante without experiencing its breathtaking panoramic views. Thus, we invite you to an island tour; an air hideaway that would become your trip’s highlight during your stay at Zante. Think out of the box, pushing the boundaries of conventional tourism a little further. Indulge in the most pampering excursion which will reveal the island’s splendor from above. The diverse coastline and the turquoise waters offer quite the spectacle. The helicopter can host up to 4 people, namely, you can share this adventurous experience with your family or your beloved.
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Get to the famous Navagio beach in the most luxurious means of transportation. The turquoise waters are perfect for snorkeling and swimming, while the beach offers a relaxing hideout for tranquil moments. There is also a wide range of historic landmarks and points of 
interest you should visit.
Prior to your departure, you can book the route that flies over Ancient Olympia. Situated only 1.5 hours away from Zante, Ancient Olympia offers the best epilogue of your stay in our Villas, giving your vacation a whimsical twist.
Flying transportation is also available to and from Zante’s airport and port; arrangements are done according to your needs. Just lay back and enjoy a rejuvenating experience reaching or leaving our amenitis. After all, nothing compares to the freedom of flying.
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