Greek Breakfast: Good Morning, People!
When traveling to Greece, it is not just the landscapes and the mesmerizing beaches that takes you by surprise. It is not just the historic monuments or the hospitality of the locals. Above anything else, it is the distinctive Greek cuisine that follows you everywhere. Waking up in the morning to pure Greek bliss is an experience on its own. But how? Well, through the perfect and most sumptuous Greek breakfast! 

The Ionian islands have been blessed with rich vegetation. Many fruits and vegetables grow here throughout the year. And it is a privilege to grow and then use them in a sustainable way, always in harmony and with undeniable respect to seasonality. Imagine opening your eyes after a great night’s sleep and being served a plethora of sweet and salty delicacies. Freshly brewed coffee and squeezed orange juice will wake you up, for sure. Then, fruit salad and Greek yogurt topped with honey and walnuts. Bread straight from the oven and pastries that will blow you mind, traditional pies and desserts that match no other.
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And for those preferring saltiness for breakfast, the choices are endless too. There are cold cuts and cheese varieties from the Greek land, olives and extra virgin olive oil used everywhere. What defines Greek breakfast is the authenticity of its ingredients and the wonder deriving from its simplicity. 

Local, handmade and of the finest quality products combined to perfection and served to order, as per your request at Calypso Villas. This is the ultimate way to experience Greek breakfast and enjoy the mouth-watering delights that will fill you with energy and happiness. Let us know exactly what it is your heart desires and start your day the way you deserve...Good morning from Zakynthos!
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