Imposing Religious Landmarks To Visit in Zante
Imposing monasteries, intriguing churches, and austere chapels dot Zante, upscaling the island’s natural beauty. It's definitely worth your time to experience the ecclesiastical architecture, taking a break from your beachfront strolling. The historic buildings have drawn their design inspiration from English, French and Venetian architecture; but the final form of the island’s architecture became solid after the catastrophic earthquake of 1953. After the devastating incident, many buildings were rebuilt.
During your stay in Zante, you can’t miss out on the island’s most famous religious landmark. Crowning the main port, the Church of Agios Dionysios features the tallest bell tower in the island. Among others, this church is quite prestigious for the locals since Agios Dionysios is considered the island’s saint protector. Moving on at the center of Maherado village, visitors can witness the charm of the imposing  Church of Agia Mavra. As the stories of locals go, the icon dedicated to the saint was made in Egypt, somewhere around the 3rd century. 

Although isn't exactly within arm’s reach, the long way to the village of Kiliomeno will reward you with the monastery of Panagia Yperagathou, built in the 17th century. The monastery is dedicated to Virgin Mary; during your way there you will witness an amazing lush greenery setting. Another important monastery worth-visiting is that of Agios Georgios Gremon. Visitors are charmed by monk cells, the tower in the middle and the church standing on the right side. 

Whether you are a church aficionado, or just visiting Zante, going to the Monastery of Panagia Anafonitria is definitely a landmark you can’t miss. The 15th-century icon along with the half-ruined bell tower and the lush greenery scenery, constitute an awe-inspiring setting.  

Zante is an eclectic destination that keeps surprising the visitors. Discover island’s everlasting charm with a stay at Calypso Villas.
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