Zante’s Natural Habitat Is Simply Breathtaking
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Except for its bustling town and the nightlife, Zante is also known as a paradise for nature enthusiasts and for a good reason. The amazing Ionian island offers a home to countless species and diverse plants, constituting a lush, versatile setting crowned by the turquoise waters that fondle its shores. If you are eager to see Zante’s natural splendor, visiting National Marine Park of Zakynthos is a must. Situated along the southern coast the this heavenly area also includes the outback of islands beautiful beaches like Kalamaki, Limni Keri and Laganas. 
Incorporating all these elements that make the Mediterranean landscape unique, the area features emerging rocks and imposing sandy duns and lashing vegetation with thick pine forests lying in the outback. 

While visiting this side of the island, be prepared for some intriguing encounters with local celebrities. Carreta-Caretta are Park’s main attraction, since Zante offers a hideout for the turtles. Another celebrity you can’t miss out on is the Mediterranean Monachus-Monachus Seals. Strofades, located in the island’s southern side is visited by sea gulls, wild swans and a wide range of migrating birds among others. 

If you are interested in reptiles and amphibians, then this place will leave you speechless while there is a strong possibility to see porcupines and rabbits. If you are lucky you may see some dolphins roaming the waters. 

Zante has something for everyone. From its bustling town, to stunning beaches and fun-packed water based activities, it can also perceived as a destination for the nature aficionados as well. Explore the diverse flora and fauna with a stay at one of our villas.
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