An immersing experience in a pristine setting
Zante boasts of its unspoiled nature. Pristine waters, amazing beaches, outstanding flora and fauna and remarkable settlements constitute an out-of-this-world scenery to unwind and take in the splendid landscape. Its shoreline brims with scuba diving schools that introduce holidaymakers to Zanthe’s one-off seabed and the astonishing sea flora and fauna. The island showcases a long tradition in scuba diving so you can let yourself freely indulge in this unique experience. 

Finding scuba diving schools in Zante is quite easy; just head to the most tourist beaches and there you ‘ll find the corresponding amenities to start your underwater adventures. Vassilikos, Tsilivi, Laganas, Alykanas, and Argasi host some of the island's schools. Regardless of your age, high-skilled tutors teach you the basics of scuba diving, complying with the highest security standards; the lessons also cater to advanced divers.

The diving sites are countless in Zante, featuring the vibrant seabed and the magical underwater fauna. The most prominent is the Arch of Triumph and the Keri Caves, while the Marathonisi island features unparalleled charm. The beauty of the island is perfectly matched with the Barracuda Reefs and Octopus in Keri Peninsula, namely two of the most popular scuba diving sites. 

While roaming the underwater realm, it’s likely to have some intriguing encounters. Zante is home to endangered sea turtle species and also a haven where they lay their eggs. Carreta-Carreta is the mascot of the island, so consider having with you a waterproof camera!
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