Enjoy a stellar stay in the Ionian gem
Called the “Flower of the East” by the Venetians for a reason, Zante is an outstanding destination where the magical setting caresses the senses in a spree of lush greenery and azure waters. The Venetian architecture is displayed in every corner of the island's capital, picturesque villages and settlements. Besides its mesmerizing beauty, Zante features a broad spectrum of museums and cultural monuments where the visitor can indulge in an intriguing trip to local history. The shoreline is dotted with heavenly beaches, crowned by the reach flora.
The crystal clear waters whet the sandy waterfront where convenient facilities offer fun-packed activities. From scuba diving to jet-skiing and other water-based sports, Zante is the ultimate haven to pump up your adrenaline. During your stay here, you ‘ll come across with the local mascot, namely Caretta-Caretta. The island is the sanctuary for these endangered species where they lay their eggs.
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Our Villas provide the ideal springboard to relish island’s beauties while experiencing our signature hospitality lapped in luxury. Located on the Ammoudi Beach, Calypso Zante Villas offer easy access to the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. The beachfront makes for a family refuge, as the sea is initially shallow without rocks and other obstacles, gradually deepening. The shore showcases idyllic stretches of sand, inviting you to spend a whole day right at the beach with your beloved ones. 

The Villas were designed to provide a profound stay experience in their refined interior. The subtle décor and the top-notch amenities blend smoothly in an opulent amalgam to take in stupendous views and relish in carefree moments. Our bespoke services cater to every need, just to pamper you in our sumptuous ways.
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