Take a look at Zante’s most prominent museums
Zante boasts of its unique cultural heritage, depicted in its marvelous museums. The first traces of island's inhabitants date back to the prehistoric years. Zante is also referred in the epics of Homer and its culture has been strongly influenced by the Romans. Local culture flourished during the Venetian period. 

The first museum that should definitely be in your bucket list is the Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos. It is located on Solomos Square, housed in a magnificent building. It hosts an astonishing array of portable icons offering a broad spectrum of religious paintings, that date back from the Byzantine times to the 19th century.  The exhibits come from renowned Greek artists and the visitor can admire among others icons carved in the wood and original frescoes.
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Head to the striking square of St. Marco to visit the of Museum of D. Solomos and A. Kalvos. It was founded in1959 and it keeps the relics of the two prestigious poets Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Kalvos. Once you enter the museum, you can immerse yourself in a world of fascinating artifacts,  ancient musical instruments,  paintings of the 18th and 19th century and an old clothing collection among others. 

Situated in the small village o Agia Marina, the Helmis Natural History Museum of Zakynthos lies at the center of the island. This is the only museum of natural history, showcasing local flora and fauna. The museum opened its gates in 2000 to point out Zante’s ecosystem, where sea turtles find a safe refuge to breed their species. 

Gregorios Xenopoulos Museum, established in 1998 and is dedicated to the prestigious Greek playwriter Gregorios Xenopoulos. The museum is accommodated in Xenopoulos residence where the visitor can find some of his leaflets, magazines issues, manuscripts, brochures, novels and some of his family heirlooms as well. 

There also many other museums to explore while in Zante. Just ask our front desk for more details!
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