Discover the Mesmerizing Calypso Villas in Zante

Calypso Villas offer luxury accommodation in Zante (Zakynthos) and the ideal landscape for enjoying memorable vacations. Indulge in the wonderful serenity of the settings, with outstanding views and unique proximity to the turquoise waters of the Ionian. A magnificent oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation unravelling in front of you!
Experience Pure Lavishness and Comfort
Deluxe Services of Premium Quality
Luxury Stay
Enjoy the Supremacy of Pure Comfort and Luxury
Whether you are on a romantic getaway or you seek to spend exceptional family vacations at the beachfront, the premium facilities and services of our Zante villas will fascinate you. Schedule your stay exactly in the way you have dreamt of, covering your every personalized desire. Allow us to spoil you with bespoke services of the finest quality and indulge in the feeling of absolute relaxation and rejuvenation, on the fabulous island of Zante.
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The Perfect Destination for Family Vacations
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The Ultimate Shelter for You and Your Loved One
Home Row Facilities
Pure Relaxation in Absolute Serenity
Discover What Dreams Are Made Of
Explore the Magnificent Taste of Mediterranean Breakfast
Traditional Products and Healthy Culinary Treasures
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Plan Your Wedding in a Dreamy Location
Fairytale Weddings of Supreme Luxury in Greek Style
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